Week 25 Experience

I’m not sure how many words we have been presented with in this MKMMA experience so far, but it has to be 100,000 or more, in Haanel alone.

Anyway you slice it, we have been given an abundance of “structured letters”.

Admittedly, some of these words, for whatever reason,  were never captured by my soul….effortlessly understood, gathered and absorbed……to be used to enlighten, drive and change my very nature, my TRUE SELF.

There is an area in the webinar notes that I have spent some time unpeeling this week…… Page five, beginning with Wisdom Within.

Indulge me, while I try to apply this to myself……..

Trish presents Wisdom Within, saying, “Grass does not try to grow, it just grows”.  And I get this, my heart beats, my immune system works, my blood clots, etc…….It just happens and I am filled with gratitude and very thankful for this automatic system. 🙂

She goes on……..”natures intelligence functions with effortless ease……with carefreeness, harmony and love”.  (Again, I get this)

Still more….And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy , and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.

This is the “string of words” I have some difficulty understanding.

I feel like I have harnessed these “forces” quite well.  However, I don’t feel like I’m “creating success and good fortune with effortless ease”.  I desire this very much……but I don’t seem to manifest it in my life.

She goes on to say, “When you’re in harmony with nature, when you are established in the knowledge of you’re TRUE SELF, you can make use of the Law of Least Effort.

I committed to this course to help me find my True Self.  However, I’m not sure I’m there yet.  The reason I say this, is, I yearn for so more for myself and the people I love.

Bono, Oprah, Michael (Jackson or Jordan), Obama, Spacy, Mother Teresa, Gates…….now these guys have “knowledge of their True Self”.  It’s what they are meant to be…right?

Am I the only one out here who has not made it to, True Self ??  Please guys……..I can’t be the only one.

Don’t get me wrong, I want this with every fiber of my being.  I want this for everyone!  I really do……

I’m told to be “silent” and “sit” for hours and even days at a time.   Then, you will make this “discovery”.

I suppose it’s possible, and I will do my best to achieve this in the coming weeks.

I desire the Law of Least Effort……I desire to know my True Self, I desire to live life with effortless ease.

I want these 100,000 words to so effect me, that I explode into life effortlessly each day…..motivated by love and the desire to make the world a better place.

I hope I get there soon…….

Be Well……







Week 24 Experience

Mark abbreviated his recorded webinar presentation this week by introducing and asking us to listen to Wallace Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich”, book on CD.

In my opinion, this book is one of the top three I have ever read.  I have been listening to it for two years through my earbuds, as I do my cardiovascular work outs.

How my life would have been different if I had someone who cared enough about me to introduce me to this mind blowing information when I was younger.

The principles in this book are timeless and support all of us in our effort to be more, become more and do more with our lives.

If you just take the word competition, and analyze what we have been taught since we were children.  From sibling rivalry to academia to athletics, we have been competing with ourselves and others our entire lives.

Riches are never found on the competitive plane, says Wattles.

According to Wattles, our time should be spent on the creative plane, not the competitive one.

It simply makes sense, there is no competition.  There is an endless supply of creative elements in the universe.  And, if by chance, it is used up, much more will be created instantly to more than satisfy the demand.

Wattles presents 3 basic principles:

1. There is a Thinking Stuff from which all things are made.  And which in its original                state, permeates, penetrates and fills the inter spaces of the universe.  (Electrons)

2.  A thought in this substance produces the thing imaged by the thought. (Cause)

3.  Man can form things in his thought and by impressing his thought on formless                      substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.  (Effect)

These 3 principles should be brought into memory and used over and over again to focus ourselves when distracted by life.

I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough.  My dedication to its principles is changing my life forever.

Don’t just listen to it once.  It’s too rich with scientific wisdom to be dismissed after the first encounter.

This book is how I’m going to reach my Liberty that I so richly desire!

Be Well!



Week 23 Experience

So…….my new Chamber “friend” who I will call Joseph exchanged business cards with me and left the restaurant.  As we departed, I mentioned I would attend the Group Medium Night soon.  As he turned to walk away, he encouraged me sign up early because the seats fill up fast.

As I walked through the downtown area, I came upon his store.  I reached in my pocket and pulled out his card.  Sure enough, after comparing the names, this was his place of business.

It was beautiful……clean, well organized and spacious, located right on “Main” street.  I was very impressed…..

I missed the January Group Medium Night because I was out of town.  But I managed to purchase a ticket for the February 26th gathering.

I arrived about 15 minutes early, but even so, the store was buzzing with excitement.

As I walked in the store I noticed a small Medium meeting area.  I was told that this is where individuals meet with Joseph one to one, for a 45 minute session.

Silly me, I was thinking quiet and darkness for a session, not bright lights and big city.

Moments after arriving, we were asked to take a seat within a room in the back of the store.

I counted about 60 people, which was way more than I expected.  I was in the third row, on the left side and every seat in the room was taken.

A middle aged man introduced himself and began his “opening act”…..informing everyone how the next couple of hours were going to play out.  He definitely had a flair for Hollywood……pleasantly discussing the history of Joseph’s business, while legitimizing the Medium Industry and informing us about the accomplishments of Joseph himself.

Before long, everyone was asked to welcome Joseph.  Suddenly, Joseph appeared in the back of the room and made his way forward to a bar stool on the small stage.

Joseph mentioned he was going to close his eyes and get in touch with the other side.  He said, the spirits that have “crossed over” would present themselves and use him to give messages to certain members of the audience.

Joseph closed his eyes and as he did, his eyelids began to flutter.  After a few seconds, he would mention a name, like Roger or Mary.  Once the audience heard this, we were to raise our hand if that name meant something to us.

Joseph “connected” with 4 or 5 spirits in the first hour we were together.  In all but one, Joseph was able to zero in on a member of the audience who became “moved” by the words channeled through him.

It was quite an experience to see Joseph “working”.  I find it fascinating that he has this gift and through his dedication and persistence, has been able to create a successful business while helping individuals physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The second hour we spent together was a question and answer period.  Where the audience was allowed to ask Joseph a specific question about their lives and receive an answer from him.

As the meeting ended, I got a chance to meet him (again).  He remembered me and we talked briefly.

I looked at him directly and asked his opinion of a career change I was considering……

He said, “the idea is great, but give it a year before you pull the trigger”.

The room was almost empty now.  As I turned to leave, I thanked Joseph for helping so many people in this way.

As I walked down the street towards my car, I thought to myself………..the mind is a incredibly powerful mechanism.

……And how grateful I feel, to have spent 2 hours with a man that truly understands it!

Be Well!













Week 22 Experience

It was January 8th of this year as I scooted into the restaurant for a Chamber of Commerce breakfast.  I entered the restaurant and quickly noticed it was a full house.  I shook a couple of hands, bought a 50/50 raffle ticket and looked for a seat.

Scanning the room, I noticed a table in the back that had a couple of open seats.  As I arrived at the table, I noticed a man in a nice business suit sitting by himself.  He greeted me and I sat down.

We entered into a bit of small talk about the weather, the Chamber and the resurgence taking place in the downtown area where we were located.

Our conversation was cut short by a marketing representative from the Chamber, speaking into a very loud microphone.

Before long, I felt myself stand up to do my introduction to the 40 or so business owners in attendance.  My “friend” at the table did the same and mentioned he was going to do a short presentation to the group.

I thought to myself, that’s cool…….I picked the same table where the “guest of honor” is sitting.

Before long, my “friend” was asked to come up front so that he could address everyone.

He introduced himself and mentioned he was a Psychic Medium, Astrologer and an Ordained Minister.

I thought to myself, holy _______, he knows what I’m going to die of, when I’m going to die and he’s going to do my funeral!!!  No wonder he smiled at me when I sat down……

My “friend” was a very gentle and soft spoken person.  He spoke about his childhood and the discovery of mysterious abilities he possessed at a very young age.

He mentioned that it was extremely difficult to concentrate and perform well in school. Other students were unfriendly to him, teachers misunderstood him and he found the whole experience stressful and emotionally challenging.

Without going into a lot of detail……my “friend” saw and experienced “things” you and I only read about in books.  Can you imagine…….?

Before long, his mother intervened and got him the professional help needed to control the power from within.  Over time, he began to “sort out” his unique gifts and began to use them to benefit himself and others.

According to my “friend”, this had an immensely positive effect on him and changed his destiny forever!

He ended his short presentation to a round of applause from fellow Chamber members.  They enthusiastically approved of his candidness and courage in presenting his life story.

Once back at the table, I greeted him with a smile and he sat down.

But something inside of me wanted to know more from this new “friend”…………..

…..Tune in next week for more…..that is, if Mercury is in Retrograde……….

Be Well!!






Week 21 Experience

God or Universal Intelligence?  Which one is it?

Doesn’t believing in Universal Intelligence conflict with your belief in God?

…….Is anyone else tired of answering questions like these?  Or is it just me?

Think about the mass of molecules we drive to work in everyday.  Is it a car……a vehicle…….an automobile……..wheels……?

You must choose ONE…….Kind of crazy, right?

Just to be clear, I believe in one supreme being, and he is God.  I believe that I will stand before him and be held accountable for my spiritual, emotional and physical existence here on earth some day.

Having said that, I’m OK with these other ways of referring to the ultimate power of the universe……the one in control of everything that has ever existed, now exists and ever will exist.

Are you guys with me on this?

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest……. 🙂

Part Twenty from Haanel was awesome.  I particularly enjoyed six through eleven.

….To paraphrase

SIX – To possess Power, we must understand the operation of our Mind and it’s relationship with Universal Mind.  This principle is unchangeable.

SEVEN – Our Mind is an active channel for Universal Mind.  It needs us…….

EIGHT – The essence of Universal Mind is in us.  This gives us Power which fires imagination, lights inspiration, gives vitality (love) to thought and connects us to the invisible forces of the Universe.

NINE – To understand this (and all great purposes) can only come in silence.

TEN – Understand the nature of this power so that it is on stand by whenever occasion requires…….the omnipotent Universal Mind on hand at all times.

ELEVEN – We can fail to recognize this world within, but nevertheless it endures as a changeless principle of all existence, a part of every person, event and circumstance.

Part Twenty in its entirety was an amazing journey for me.  But this section of Truth really hit home.

I am so grateful to have it as part of my life now.  But saddened of its absence for too many years.

Og says to not look back and so I will not labor on it.  I live this day as if it is my last.

Use the Power within you……..Be Well!









Week 20 Experience

I loved the Introduction Video that Mark presented for this week.  As usual, it was shot on his Lanai.

You have to love the relationship between Mark and Davine.  Davine lovingly “critiques” Mark by way of “rolling” white script on the screen.  She mentions, he has been calling the presenter from the prior week, Todd, instead of Shawn.

Or how about when Mark turns from the camera, a perfectly placed (“what’s up with his collar”?) text appears, with an arrow pointing to his collar.

This raw and “unscrubbed” approach used to produce these videos is a breath of fresh air, very entertaining and frankly, makes me feel better about my own presentation skills.

Anyway, thank you so much Mark for your understanding, passion and humility.

The video features a social psychologist named, Amy Cuddy.  She is doing a Ted Talk in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Amy has done a lot of research on non-verbal communication and in this particular presentation, it’s influence on yourself.

In other words, if an individual strikes a pose like Wonder Woman for 2 minutes; chin up, with hands on your hips, how does that affect the person doing it?

Apparently, lot’s!

Researchers have known for years that our non verbal communication governs how other people think and feel about us.  But they were not sure how non verbal communication made us feel about ourselves.

What they found was, our bodies have the ability to change our minds…….it’s all about raising the Testosterone and lowering the Cortisol (stress hormone)

Amy suggested finding a quiet place to use various power poses before big events such as presentations, company meetings or even a job interview.  Research shows that by doing this, you will become more confident, comfortable and enthusiastic.  You will have an overall better presence.  Pretty cool…..right?

Amy warns people from “staying small” by crossing your legs, crossing your arms and bringing your shoulders and arms in.  And by all means, don’t put your hand on your neck, she says.

Unfortunately, I do this all the time when I’m making prospecting calls.  I don’t even realize it.  I notice it from time to time and wonder why the heck my hand is wrapped around the back of my neck.  She says, it’s a very low power pose where you are “protecting” yourself.

Hummmmmmm……I’m going to need therapy for this one.

Amy says,

……our bodies change our minds

…….and our minds change our behavior

…….and our behavior changes our outcomes

So give it a shot.  Get in the bathroom stall and raise your hands like Joe Montana or Mick Jagger.  Strike a pose like Wonder Woman or Madonna.

Your confidence will skyrocket and you will close the next deal!

…….Don’t forget to tuck in your cape before you enter the conference room.

Be Well!




Week 19 Experience

Og Mandino and The Scroll Marked V.  Mandino brings us to NOW!  Not a few moments ago, not a few moments ahead!

“I’m going to live this day as if it were my last.”

I understand that for some people, this really is reality for them.  They literally have one more day to live.  For them, I can only hope they have a chance to reconcile themselves, both mentally and physically to the power(s) that mean the most to them.

For the vast majority of people though, heck……they’re thinking things are going to continue (as they have) for days, years, even decades to come!  I know for the better part of my life, I have.

To say that Mandino is placing a sense of urgency on the “now” is a huge understatement.

He ask’s us to:

Form New Habits      To Love     To Persist     (You are) Be Natures Greatest Miracle

All of these disciplines and attributes require concentration from within and are acquired and refined over time.

“If I waste today I destroy the last page of my life.”  Ouch!  That hurts to even say it!

As Mark likes to say, “giddy up”!

Okay, so let’s say it really is your last day, what does that look like?

For me, it would be more about relationships.  The last 1/2 of my life has been all about building solid relationships.  Even with people I may only spend a few hours with.

The first half of my life……not so much.  I’m sorry to say, most of the time it centered around 5 letters…..J-e-r-r-y…….  In addition, I was much more of a follower and let’s just say, I did not always follow the right crowd.

So, on my last day, I would be “lov’n” on the folks I spent time with when I was younger.  I would want to be with them in person.  I can see us talking and laughing the day away.  You know, just being ourselves……..kind of letting it all hang out.  I would love that!

Mandino’s point is this though…….go out there and make something happen!  Don’t just go through the motions of business and life.

To me, its kind of like the sport of wrestling.  Competitors in this sport are allowed 3 minutes to get the job done.  They draw from every ounce of energy they have, for a condensed period of time and hopefully achieve their ultimate objective.  When the match is complete, there is absolutely nothing left…….they are totally spent.

Personally, I need this Scroll this month.  I’m happy that I can read it today (and hopefully many more days).

Make something happen TODAY my friend.

Be Well!